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Raujien reviews Dungeon Fighter Online (PC)

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Raujien said...

Your Advanced Beat-em-up Game With Some MMO And Massive Style Mixed Into It, Currently There Is A Fair Amount Of A.I Errors, Glitches That End Up Being Very Helpful, And Very Little Server Lags. But That Shouldn't Stop You From Enjoying The First REAL MMO Beat-em-up That's Done Right! Dungeon Fighters Was Only Officially Released This Year So You Can't Blame Them For Minor Mistakes, But Anyways. There Are Five Basic Jobs To Choose From The Start, Your Basic MMO Classes, Slayer ( Swordsman ), Fighter (Monk/Boxer), Gunner (Ranger), Mage, And Priest.

The Story Of The Game Is Different For Each Job, But The In-Game Quests Are Mostly The Same.

The Basics To This Game Is To Level Up, Do Quests, Clear Dungeons. Sounds Pretty Cliche', But It Won't Feel That Way Once Your Playing. At First The Game Gets Off To A Slow Start, Barely Any Moves, Easy Enemies, Simple Quests, But That's Just Catering To The Noobs Of Beat-em-ups, Further In You Get More Moves, Enemies Start Getting Smarter And Do Combos, And Quests Become Harder And Harder To Fulfill.

I Have Some Small Things Against This Game Though, And I'm Sure Everyone But Controlling Parents And Wannabe-Pros Would Agree To Each And Every One Of These.

Fatigue Points - You Start Off Each Day With 156 Fatigue Points, Each Dungeon Has Multiple Rooms To Go Through, Each Room You Enter Is -1 To Your Fatigue, Once Your Out Of Fatigue, You Gotta Wait Till The Next Day To Get Another 156 Fatigue Points, This I HATE Because Of The Limit That The Game Gives You, It Always Seems By The Time I Reach 0 Fatigue Points Something Really Exciting Happens And I REALLY Wanna Do It, But I Have To Wait :(, So I'm Stuck Doing PvP Till I'm Bored Of Losing.

Unbalanced Classes - This Game Does Require Skill, But Some Classes Are Kinda Cheap, Any Gunner Class, You Can Run Around Shooting Enemies Behind You And Spam The Attack Button For Easy Combos, And The Priest Advanced Class, Exorcist, Gets A Skill That Stops Them From Getting Knocked Down, So No Combos For Anyone Against Them. This Makes PvP Abit Unfair If Your Another Class Than These.

All-And-All These Game Is Pretty Fun, Nexon And Neople Still Have Alot To Fix. But The Game Will Eventually Be The Best Arcade Style Beat-em-up MMO Known To Man.... Or Me Atleast.

4/5 - Raujien
DFO Username - Tastee

Game Traits applied to Dungeon Fighter Online (PC) by Raujien

  • The Setting:
    Dark fantasy land
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    Boss and Monsters
  • How it's Played:
    Beat Em Up
  • General Tone:
    Old school Gaming
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