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Raujien reviews Wonderland Online (PC)

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Raujien said...

This MMORPG Has Some Appeal To It, It's Turn Based, You Level Up, Learn Spells, Earn Money. The Quests Seem Never Ending And Well Rewarding, But, There Is An Ability Of A Bot, Given By the Game After Completing A Certain Quest, Which Makes The Game FAR To Easy , In A Way, As In You have The Food To Heal And Make Sure You'll Be Back Before It Runs Out, But Self Training Takes AGES, Like, By The Time You Find A Needle In A Hay Stack, You'll Gain Maybe 2 Levels In This Game, From PURE Training, I Only Made It To Level 24, But It Took Me Weeks Of Play To Get There, Completed All the Quests Available To Me, But, Whatever Me Doesn't Matter, It's A Fun Game If You Just Wanna hang Out With Friends, Chat While Kicking Monster Ass, You Can Party Up, Bot Together, This Game Passes As More Of A Social Game Then A Fighting One, Good Game To Play For Awhile Then Scrap, Unless You Make Good Friends, That's What Gets Most People To Stick With An MMORPG. But, Not My Type.
2/5 - Raujien

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Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online (PC)

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